Two 66 year old car guys, in a 1966 Thunderbird, traveling down Route 66

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Old Farts on Route 66 find the Singing Highway

Road contractors engineered an ingenious and melodic way to encourage drivers to obey the speed limit. CROWD CONTROL AIRS MONDAYS at 9P.

Balloon Fiesta - Albuquerque

Interview with Jim and Joe half way down Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM.
Route 66 Summary

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Two Guys, a T-bird and Route 66  Shannon O. Wells, Beaverton Valley Times Sept. 11, 2014

66-year-old travelers share tales from Route 66 jaunt   Shannon O. Wells, Beaverton Valley Times November 21, 2014

Diabetes - Did You Know....? 

30,000 people are diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (T1D) every year in the US.  Those diagnosed under the age of 20 increased 23% from 200 to 2009.

This travel adventure raised $1,283.00 in donations to JDRF for diabetes research that will improve treatment and help find a cure.  Thanks Jim and Joe!

Personal Luxury Car

1966 Ford Thunderbird

The 1966 was the last of the true Thunderbird's, Our traveling companion was assembled on the Lincoln Continental line on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1965 and was purchased for $5,020.60 in January, 1966 from McKay Ford Dealership in Seattle, WA,

We acquired the car from the original owners grandson in March, of 2013, with 106,000 miles on the odometer and original paint.

66 Year Old Team

The 66 year old's and the   1966 T-Bird

The 66 year old's and the 1966 T-Bird

Jim and Joe met 8 years ago when Joe's daughter agreed to marry Jim's son, They also now have a co-granddaughter. 

Joe and Jim have harbored a desire to travel the Mother Road a long time.  When they admitted it to each other one day last year, and decided to take the trip together, the adventure began.

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US Route 66


Established Nov. 11, 1926
Length-2,451 mi. (3,945 km.)

East end - Chicago, IL - West end - Santa Monica, CA

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