10/20/14 - On to Oregon

We got up and going this this morning about 8:00 AM,   We visited with Martin and he showed us his Hupmobile.  He is going to start working on it this winter. What a great project!


On the way to Ferndale, CA we stopped by the farthest western point on the west coast in the continuous US.  It seemed like a great photo op for the Millennium Bird!

The western point looks just like the beach anywhere. The town of Ferndale has a number of older buildings that are fixed up nicely and are pretty impressive.

We headed to Eureka, CA to find a muffler shop. As we have traveled we continue to pick up "stuff"; things we want to bring home from our trip.  As we do, the car gets lower and closer to the ground.  We have been careful going over speed bumps but caught a muffler clamp  and broke the bracket.  It has been rattling,so we had it fixed.

While we waited for the car, we had breakfast and then picked up the car and headed north. Soon we started to see real trees and more redwoods the further north we went.  We stopped by the Trees of Mystery to look in the gift shop and we took the Thunderbird through the big redwood tree.  It fit but it was close. 

Then on we went towards Crescent City, CA,  As we got closer it started to rain.  That was  the first rainfall of any quantity for the whole trip!   The wipers were on full just to see the road.  We got to the Langlois, OR and to the Langlois Market in time to have a famous hot dog and picked up some snacks.   Then we went on to Nelsen's and Suzie's house to settle in for the night.